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Genesis Collection

About the Collection

A limited 500 NFT collection that grants full access to Flava’s Chrome extension and private discord channels/bots.

Available supply: 0


More than just a
rarity tool.

V 0.1Jan 2022
  • View rarity rankings directly on OpenSea.
  • Advanced collection stats (daily volume, sales, and seller royalties).
  • Highlight trait rarity through color coding on NFT page.
  • Convenience features:
    • Toggle properties panel by default on NFT page.
    • "Buy Now" filter by default on collection page.
  • View Gas prices directly on OpenSea.
  • Quick buy which allows you to skip OS's confirmation flow and go directly to MetaMask with gas front running options.
V 0.2Mar 2022
  • Ability to request collection ranking from directly from OS (requests are processed within ~5 minutes).
  • Top ranked tab on collection page.
  • Active trader view: get notified listings before they show up on OS while having a better overview of a collections activity with real time charts.
  • Collection analytics: view sales/listings scatter chart, volume, sales, floor and holder distribution all within OS.
  • Dedicated ethereum node: our node helps your transactions reach the mempool faster and more reliably, giving you a better chance at minting highly anticipated projects.
  • Bulk bidding: filter by trait, price, rarity, or rank and place bids with minimum effort with automated transaction signing when a private key is available.
  • Profile page advanced analysis:
  • haha nice try but seriously join our discord and we would love to share what we have planned!
  • We also would love your feedback to supercharge your investing.
  • Can't wait for you to join us at http://discord.gg/SUVF6kvK8m

Full roadmap will be shared
with genesis members

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V 0.3xxx 2022
  • v0.3 is going to be epic! wgmi!
  • Help us shape flava by joining our discord and sharing your thoughts.
  • You can join us at http://discord.gg/SUVF6kvK8m
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